EnGenius FitXpress Gateway XG60-FIT

Thương hiệu: ENGENIUS | Tình trạng: Còn hàng
  • Simple, unified FitXpress management for or small businesse and retail locations
  • Intuitive and centralized device visibility from anywhere
  • Dual GE WAN , Dual GE LAN and One SFP for maximum performance
  • WAN: 1x GE RJ45, 1x Covertible GE RJ45 LAN/WAN Port, USB 3.1
  • LAN: 2x GE RJ45, 1x Covertible GE RJ45 LAN/WAN Port , 1xSFP
  • Dual-core processor for greater speed and power
  • Built-in load balancing and safeguards with dual-WAN and cellular failover
  • PoE+ port to power up a Wi-Fi AP, IP camera or IP phone
  • Stateful firewall with high-efficiency filtering and inspection to enhance security
  • High-speed and secure site-to-site VPN and client VPN
  • Quick self-healing VPN and VLAN setup for faster and easier deployments
  • Touchless system maintenance and automatic updates
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